APE 2012

Jesse Baggs at APE 2012

This year’s Alternative Press Expo (APE) was a lot of fun. Audrey and I stayed once again at the Best Western Carriage Inn, where each room is named after a different famous San Franciscan. This time we stayed in the Isadora Duncan room; below is the portrait of her adorning our wall (unfortunately I can’t find the name of the artist who created the portrait):

Portrait of Isadora Duncan from the Best Western Carriage Inn, San Francisco, CA

I shared a table with the amazingly talented, Sacramento-based artists Joel Smith and Jacob Magraw-Mickelson. To my other side were the amazingly talented, Bay Area artist Cody Vrosh and his wife, Sheatiel Sarao. Intimidating! Still, we did all right at the Jesse Baggs table. Thanks to everyone that came by and said hello, bought a comic, t-shirt or drawing.

As always, there was an overwhelming abundance of amazing comics and crafts to choose from. Curse you, opportunity cost! Hopefully I’ll have time in the near future to write a little something about the purchases I liked most, and upload scans of convention sketches other artists created for me. But in the meantime, here are the sketches and drawings I made.

Jesse Baggs drawing it up at APE 2012

First, general sketchbook portraits created while people watching:

The Scratch Papers, Page 114: 'APE Watching' by Jesse Baggs

Other people paid me to draw them. Here are three such portraits, accompanied by a photo of the subject for comparison purposes (I hope none of them mind being on the Internet). If you like what you see, send me an email; I’d be happy to draw you, too! You can also check out more portraits in the new Caricatures section of JesseBaggs.com!

'APE Couple' by Jesse Baggs

'APE Couple Photo' by Jesse Baggs

'Mr. Rust Tusk' by Jesse Baggs

'Maggie' by Jesse Baggs

One guy asked me to draw him as a “male Sarah Connor”:

The Scratch Papers, Page 115: 'Male Sarah Connor' by Jesse Baggs

A nice young lady asked me to draw her Maine-Coon cat eating an orchid:

The Scratch Papers, Page 116: 'Petunia!' by Jesse Baggs

Someone else asked me to draw a “cartoony Mona Lisa”:

The Scratch Papers, Page 117: 'Mona Lisa' by Jesse Baggs

Other people tried to stump me, asking for things like “a space-walking goblin”:

The Scratch Papers, Page 118: 'Goblin Space Walker' by Jesse Baggs

Or, “Rocket Squid. All I’ll tell you is that he’s part man, part rocket, part squid”:

The Scratch Papers, Page 119: 'Rocket Squid' by Jesse Baggs

Toughest of all was the one-word request for a drawing of “nihilism”:

The Scratch Papers, Page 120: 'Nihilism' by Jesse Baggs

But my favorite drawings were these last three. First, a guy that looked very much like Martin Starr as Roman DeBeers in Party Down, asked me to draw the TARDIS with a hedgehog. When I handed him the drawing, he said, “It’s beautiful.”

The Scratch Papers, Page 121: 'Doctor Hedgehog' by Jesse Baggs

Another guy asked me to draw Link fighting Finn from Adventure Time, which was not only a great idea but also a lot of fun to draw. When he saw the final drawing, the guy gave me a high five.

The Scratch Papers, Page 122: 'Adventures of Link versus Finn Time!' by Jesse Baggs

And finally, the funnest drawing of all: someone asked that I draw Abraham Lincoln fighting a praying mantis:

The Scratch Papers, Page 123: 'Abraham Lincoln versus Praying Mantis' by Jesse Baggs

But all that fun wouldn’t have been the funnest without my booth baby, Audrey, who was there to lend moral support, buy food, and keep me from spending too much money.

Audrey Baggs, Booth Baby

Looking forward to APE 2013 already, and watch for me at Sac-Con this March!

Jesse and Audrey Baggs, APE 2012